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The documents and videos on this page are for use by L2T-registered Synchro Swim Ontario coaches & athletes. Please feel free to use these resources to learn and implement the L2T Programs in your clubs. We ask that you please keep these resources confidential.


Program Feedback:

Final Program Survey (including Regional Clinics survey) – any participants are welcome to provide feedback (athletes/families, coaches, club admin/head coaches etc.)

Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/U0vtUj97WMzkK1To2


The Next L2T Event is:

All L2T events for 2017-18 are now complete (as of March 2018).
Previous Event Files:
Files from Jan 19 Clinic:
Files from October 1 Fall Clinic:




NEW (Nov 2017) – Information Package for Clubs regarding L2T Land Routine Events at competitions:

Land Routine CLUB INFO

Includes details of set-up, uniforms, evaluation method/judge chit samples, certificates etc.)

Note: An updated version of the above document was uploaded November 28th. This update notes that athletes older than 10&Under/11-12 may enter the Land Routine event, provided they compete on a team with an average age of 10&Under or 11-12.



The L2T Land Routine is a fun, music-based routine that builds and develops essential skills at a critical development stage – athletes will be working on timing, synchronization and pattern awareness, while also strengthening key flexibility, extension, body position, and strength skills.



L2T Land Routine Counts

Land Routine Patterns




L2T Land Routine VIDEO – Introduction

L2T Land Routine VIDEO – Group (Front View)

L2T Land Routine VIDEO – Single Athlete (Front View)

L2T Land Routine VIDEO – Single Athlete (Side View)


*Note that the links for Land Routine Videos have been updated, and are now download-enabled (you will need to sign up for a free Dartfish account, and then subscribe to the channel in order to download the file). Again we ask users to be mindful of the resources committed to making this program available to Synchro Swim Ontario members (please ensure that files are kept for internal Club use only).





L2T Land Routine at Competitions 

Clubs may choose to enter L2T Land Routine events at competitions during the 2017-18 season. This event is focused on skill development – therefore rankings/awards are not used – instead, teams receive feedback on their skills & will be awarded a certificate recognizing the skill level attained.





Pre-Set Duet Routine

NEW (Dec 2017) – Information Package for Clubs regarding L2T Pre-Set Duet Events at competitions (including list of Elements):

L2T Pre-Set Duet Info and Elements – Dec 2017

Includes details of how Pre-Set Duet will be run at competitions (qualifying, awards, evaluation etc.), and lists/describes the required elements.

*Dec update includes note regarding entry into Hilton Worldwide Invitational


During the 2017-18 season, there will be two versions of the L2T Pre-Set Duet Routine available – one for 10&Under and one for 11-12. Clubs are able to opt to participate in this pilot and enter the Pre-Set Duet at provincial stream competitions.



10 & Under

10U Pre-Set Duet Routine

10U Pre-Set Duet Land Drill

10U L2T Pre-Set Duet Music



11-12 Pre-Set Duet Routine

11-12 Pre-Set Duet Land Drill

11-12 L2T Pre-Set Duet Music




L2T Goal Setting Journal



Notes from Oct 1 Parent Info Session – to come

Link to article referenced at Oct 1 Parent Info Session: http://www.cbc.ca/parents/learning/view/want-to-keep-your-daughter-in-sport-dont-comment-on-her-body


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