The new Trillium Awards Program was developed to serve the interests of participants across the province of Ontario.  It is a ten level graduated skill development program aligned with the Learn to Train (“Learn to Sync”) Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) – Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) phase for ages 8-11 (female) or ages 9-12 (males). It is positioned as a thorough, well balanced synchronized swimming program offered through partnerships with member clubs, facilities run by municipalities, not-for-profit agencies,  private programs, camps, etc. and led by trained, certified staff.

It is Synchro Ontario’s mission to develop, promote, support and regulate synchronized swimming through the implementation of an integrated sport system that is accessible to all Ontarians by providing opportunities for enjoyment and enabling participants to achieve their individual goals.  Our Trillium program serves the interests of Ontarians’ by focusing on the development of CS4L-LTAD aligned skills through a safe and enjoyable environment.

As an Instructor you have started a leadership journey that will take you into a supportive provincial sport environment.  Careful consideration has been taken to ensure that your needs are addressed as an Instructor and as a provider of the Trillium Awards Program.  This manual has been prepared to guide you through Ontario’s Trillium Awards Program and educate you on CS4L-LTAD principles.

If you are new to synchro, you will find that this manual will be a useful resource in starting a program, teaching, and working with our Association.  If you are familiar with synchro, we suggest you use this as a resource to refresh your skills and share your knowledge with some young synchro stars.

Synchro Swim Ontario’s goal is to work with our recreational partners to encourage an active for life philosophy.  As such, we present you with a program that is easy to deliver at the grassroots level.  To understand this delivery and make your job easier, we have included a program administration piece for you to follow.


Setting up a Trillium Program

  1. Synchro Swim Ontario member competitive and recreational clubs may use the Trillium Awards Program within their club programs. Please contact the office for manuals. Certified Comp-Intro or higher coaches are certified to instruct the program. Clubs with swimmers (aged 14 or older) who have no certification must take the Trillium Instructor program to become certified instructors.
  2. To register your community program with Synchro Swim Ontario, complete a Community Program Membership Form, which is available from the office.  This annual membership runs from September 1 to August 31, however, programs can register at any time throughout the year.
  3. Certified and current Trillium Instructors can teach and examine participants as well as order Trillium Award Pins and Pansy Forbes badges.  All Instructors will have a copy of the Trillium Program Manual which is provided with the course.
  4. Upon ordering your awards, please submit the following to the Synchro Swim Ontario office: a) Completed tests sheets signed off by a certified and current Trillium Instructor, b) A class list of all program participants (including any who are not on the test sheets), c) Trillium Awards Order Form which is available from the office or our website.  Please include a credit card number for payment or invoices can be sent with your pin order.

Synchro Swim Ontario Trillium Instructor Course 

The Trillium Instructor Course certifies Instructors to teach and examine the skills presented in the Trillium Awards Program. The course is primarily targeted for candidates who teach synchronized swimming at the recreational level at the Learn to Train (ages 8-11) CS4L-LTAD phase.  Candidates who successfully complete the Trillium Instructor Course are certified to teach, test and obtain awards.


  • For candidates 14 years of age or older who are currently teaching recreational synchro but who have no qualifications. Preferred and recommended to have Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross, but not mandatory.
  • For candidates with no synchro experience, recommended to be Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, YM/YWCA Swimming Instructor, or Life Saving Instructor (LSS)

Course requirements:

  • 100% attendance & participation


  • Required every 3 years


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