Ontario Provincial Championships

Mandatory for Competitive 13-15, Junior & Seniors optional for AWD



Competition Dates June 5-9, 2019
Registration Deadline April 23, 2019 @ 4:00pm
Hosts Nepean Synchro
Meet Manager Tara Whalen-Ralph
Synchro Swim Ontario Ellen Blainey
[email protected]
Venue Nepean Sportsplex
13 – 15
Figures, Solo, Duet & Team
Tech: Solo Duet & Team
Free: Solo Duet & Team
Tech: Solo, Duet & Team
Free: Solo, Duet & Team
Figures & Solo
Year End Banquet
Rules The competition will be held in accordance with Synchro Swim Ontario Rules
Byes Byes will only be granted to individual swimmers on medical or compassionate basis.
Byes request form must be sent to [email protected]






Pool Information Nepean Sportsplex
1701 Woodroffe Ave,
Nepean, ON
K2G 1W2
Building Hours for access 6:00am – 10:00pm
Pool Specs Warm up Pool Length

Competition Pool Length:


25 meter x 8 lanes

25 meter x 8 lanes

Single bulkhead

Deck Privileges Only Coaches and Athletes registered for the Event will be allowed in change rooms and on deck.   All Coaches must have proper accreditations on them at all times. Coach Certification and Accreditation is done in September
Security and Health Services Trained Lifeguards will be on deck at all times during the competition.
Rules for Gelling Please make sure you clean up after yourself
Rules for stretching & land warm up Host club will be monitoring





Entry Deadline April 23 2019 @ 4:00pm
Entry Fees    
Entry Submission All registration and entries must be TBD Information recorded on E-Sport will be automatically downloaded into the scoring program. Please ensure that the submitted information is accurate.
Out of Province Entries
Athlete Surcharge: ………………………………………………………………………$75.00 per athlete
Each club may enter Team Solo and Duet and Combo events as per SSO Rule book, with a maximum of (2) two Solos and (2) two Duets in each age category.
All athletes must fill out the Athlete Waivers and Medical Release forms which must be handed in at the registration table before the beginning of the competition.  The Form is available online at  https://synchroontario.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/out-of-province-waiver.docx
Event Registration & payment form  
Payment options Payment must be received to Synchro Swim Ontario no later than 10 days after registration closes Authorized Club Credit Card Personal Credit Card – entered on Event Registration form or called in 416-679-9522 Cheque – Mailed to 12-89 Galaxy Blvd Etobicoke Ontario M9W 6A4
Late entry fee 5.1.3 (pg. 18 SSO Rulebook) Entry forms including payment not submitted by the stated competition entry deadline will be assessed a financial penalty of $250.00 will be invoiced by Synchro Swim Ontario the day following the entry deadline. Failure to pay the fine by the first event of the competition shall result in disqualification. Fines are non-refundable.


Email policy All correspondence as required will be by email, using the Registrars contact email.
Results will be emailed out during the Competition to the Head Coaches
Communications All Meet information and communications will be available on the website www.synchroontairo.com.
Pronunciation Throughout the meet we’ll be announcing the names of your club, your coaches and your swimmers. Help our announcers get the correct pronunciation the first time, every time, so we won’t feel awkward, and you won’t feel annoyed. Please help by submitting hint for difficult names to the meet manager
Figures Figure draws will be done by Synchro Canada in accordance to SSO Rulebook 4.73
Figure Groups can be found in the SSO Rulebook Appendix A
Order of Swim In an effort to provide added security and privacy for our Athletes and Coaches in advance of each competition the Order Of Swim is now password protected.  Head Coaches will be provided with the password
Results Will be posted on the website https://synchroontario.com/competitive/results/ and emailed to participating Club Head Coaches.
Admissions Figures $6.00/ Adult
Routines $ 10.00/ Adult
Children 10 and under free
Photography All athletes can be photographed and videotaped during the event.
SSO approved photographer may be on deck during all or a portion of the event
No flash Photograph







Please note that it is the Club’s responsibility to book their own accommodation.
Clubs/competitors attending are invited to choose a hotel from the list below.
 Hotel Holiday Inn Express  Homewood Suites Hampton Inn  
Address 2881 Gibford Dr
Gloucester, Ontario
L1V 2L9
3605 Paul Anka Dr,
Ottawa, ON
K1V 2S6
2869 Gibford Dr
Ottawa Ontario
K1V 2L9
Phone # (613) 247-9500 (613) 422-3678 (613)248-1113  
Booking code Synchro Swim Ontario Synchro Swim Ontario Synchro Swim Ontario  
Booking Deadline May 1, 2019 May 1, 2019 May 1, 2019  
Gym/ Pool onsite yes yes yes  
Cost Parking Inc. Inc. Inc.  
Breakfast Inc. Breakfast Buffet Inc.  Breakfast Buffet Inc. Breakfast Buffet  
Distance to the Pool 8km 8km 8km  



 Hotel Residence Inn Holiday Inn Kanata  
Address 1172 Walkley Road
Ottawa, Ont
K1V 2P7
101 Kanata Avaenue
Kanata, On
K2T 1E6
Phone # (613) 523-9600 (613) 271-2380  
Booking code Synchro Ontario swo  
Booking Deadline May 1, 2019 May 1, 2019  
Gym/ Pool onsite yes yes  
Cost Parking inc inc  
Breakfast Inc breakfast buffet No  
Distance to the Pool 15km 18km  







File Format Please note that digital music will be used at this competition. There must be one digital file for each registered routine in an mp3 format, with a minimum required resolution of 192kbps.
Coaches should review each digital file for quality, timing and completeness. (Please ensure that volume is consistent throughout all cuts of music)

In order to correctly identify each swimmer’s music, please name the file using the specific naming format as indicated below.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure not to have any special characters (accents/punctuation marks, #, $, & etc.) in your file name – your song file may not download correctly and will be missing from the competition folder. Note that underscores are acceptable and can be used to separate words.
For Solo = Category_ClubCallLetters_Coaches Initals_Swimer last name
For Duet = Category_Club call Letters_Coaches Initals_Swimers Initals
For Team = Category_ClubCallLetters_Coach Initals_TeamName.format

Jr. Free/ Jr. Tech
Sr. Free / Sr. Tech
Club Call letters
Burlington- Olympium Synchro = BOSS Granite Synchro = GRTE Markham Synchro = MKSC Sault “Y” Synchro = SUYS
Brant Synchro = Bran Guelph Synchro = GSSC Mississauga Synchro = MSSA Toronto Synchro = TSSC
Burlington Synchro = BSSC Halton Hills Synchro = HHSC Nepean Synchro = NPNS

Variety Village Synchro = VVSC


Chaco Synchro = CHCO Kwartha Trent Synchro = KTSC Olympium Synchro = OSSC Waterloo Regional Synchro = WRSC
Durham Synchro = DHSC K-W Synchro = KWSC RTC = RTCO Tsunamis Master = TTMS
Go Capital Synchro =GCSC

London Synchro = LDSC


Sudbury Synchro = SBSC York Synchro = York
Metadata/ ID3Tags

Metadata (also known as ID3 tags for MP3 files) is information (such as title, artist, album, genre etc.) that is stored inside the song file

–This is often different from the name of the file itself. In order to avoid confusion at the competition music table, we ask coaches to ensure that the title of the song file, and the ID3 tag title of the song file are the same

To do this on Windows PC:

Right click on the song file > Select ‘Properties’ > Select the ‘Details’ tab Under the segment called ‘Description,’ change the value of ‘Title’ to match the file name (as per the naming convention outlined above)

To do this in iTunes:

Right click on the song file > Select ‘Get Info’ > Under the ‘Details’ tab, change the value of ’Song name’ to match the file name (as per the naming convention outlined above) > Click OK

Submission Deadline The deadline to send and confirm all routine music files two weeks prior to competition
Dropbox access

Access to each clubs dropbox file is sent the Clubs head coaches in late fall.  Head Coaches may then add other coaches to the shared club folder (anyone added to the folder can upload files.

SSO will not add other coaches to the club files





Synchro Swim Ontario

12-89 Galaxy Blvd

Etobicoke, ON M9W 6A4

Phone: 416-679-9522




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