Synchro Swim Ontario Awards & Volunteer Recognition

Synchro Swim Ontario Provincial Awards

Each year, Synchro Swim Ontario presents a Volunteer of the Year, Coach of the Year and Athletes of the Year Awards. These awards are presented at the Athlete Banquet at the Ontario Open Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championships.


2015 Volunteer of the Year: Tanis Dal Zotto (Burlington Synchro), Chauntel Inman (Durham Synchro), Anne Bonnar (Guelph Synchro), Byron Stoyles (Kawartha-Trent Synchro), Kim Munro (London Synchro), Tim Riddle (Markham Synchro), Shelley Scepanovic (Mississauga Sycnhro), Kristin Armstong (Nepean Synchro), Jody Philbeam (Olympium Synchro), Louise Dillman (Ottawa Synchro), Angela Duguay (Sudbury Synchro), Kirsten Sixt (Toronto Synchro), Steve Brooks (Waterloo Regional Synchro), Kathryn Gravill (York Synchro).

2014 Volunteer of the Year:  Tony & Cheryl Davidson (Brant Synchro), Ruth Belcher (Burlington Synchro), Zoe Barton (Durham Synchro), Kate MacDonald (Guelph Synchro), Natalie Hawthorne (Kawartha-Trent Synchro), Louise Koza (London Synchro), Gwen Norkus (Markham Synchro), Rebecca Agbuya (Mississauga Synchro), Fiona Reid (Nepean Synchro), Maura Young (Olympium Synchro), Lynne Feldman (Toronto Synchro), Steve Brooks (Waterloo Synchro), Ellen Blainey (York Synchro)

2013 Volunteer of the Year: Jill Nelson, Granite Synchro

2012 Volunteer of the Year: Kim Galloway (London Synchro), Leanne McDonnell (Waterloo)

2011 Volunteer of the Year:

2010 Volunteer of the Year: Erika Lindner, Waterloo

2009 Volunteer of the Year: Wendy Yule, MSSA

2008 Volunteer of the Year: Kathy Lynch, BSSC

2007 Volunteer of the Year: Valerie Lukezic, OSSC

2006 Volunteer of the Year: Ted Smith, London

2005 Volunteer of the Year: Janet Baines, BSSC


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