Swim Synchro! Program

This creative, routine-based synchro orientation program is designed to develop basic synchro skills while increasing existing swimming skills. Swim Synchro! is offered at community pools, public/private camps and private aquatic entities across the province. The Swim Synchro! program is flexible and may be run in 9-12 week sessions or camps.  Swim Synchro! will help connect individuals from the community regardless of age, gender or race within the unique foundation of this sport. (A portion on the Swim Synchro! Manual is dedicated to Adults wanting to try synchro!)

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The Swim Synchro! Program is comprised of 6 levels including core planning for each level.  The program is designed so that there is success at every level!  With topics like, ‘Ariana’s Underwater Challenge’ and ‘WOW! Highlights’ swimmers are sure to enjoy all of the 9 topics covered in each level. Also, swimmers will have a chance to earn fun Swim Synchro Badges!

Recreational synchro swim programs may be found throughout the province at our member clubs and through municipalities and affiliates who run the Synchro Swim Ontario Programs.

Synchro Swim Ontario strives to create and support programs that increase activity and interest levels for youth, adults, older adults and special populations throughout Ontario.  Recreational synchronized swimming teaches skill development, provides an opportunity for interpersonal relations in both individual and group components, physically and creatively challenges both participant and instructor and, in it’s simplest form, provides a FUN and exciting aquatic activity!

If you are a facility  wanting find out more information or run Swim Synchro! for your community, contact the Synchro Swim Ontario office at 416-679-9522.  If you are a parent, check your Community Recreation and Leisure Guide to find a program in your area.




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