Members for Coaching, Judging, Scoring and Instructing Synchronized Swimming


In 2009, the only coaches who need to take a theory course external to Synchro Ontario’s coaching courses will be those candidates that are taking their Comp Dev/NCCP 3.  For those coaches working on the new Comp Intro certification (formerly NCCP 1 and 2), all theory components are part of Synchro Canada’s coach certification that is offered by Synchro Ontario’s Competition Introduction course.


Synchro Swim Ontario offers Judge Levels 1 & 2 Courses.  Judging levels 3 and higher are administrated through Synchro Canada.


Synchro Swim Ontario offers a Scoring Course to certify individuals as scorers for the province.


Synchro Swim Ontario offers Swim Synchro! to certify Water Safety Instructors in member communities offering the Swim Synchro program, and the Trillium Instructor course to certify beginner synchro intructors in clubs and Water Safety Instuctions in member communities offering the Trillium Awards program.


Synchro Swim Ontario

12-89 Galaxy Blvd

Etobicoke, ON M9W 6A4

Phone: 416-679-9522



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