Granite Synchro’s Run for the Cure Success!

Oct 7, 2016   //   by Doug Shirton   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on Granite Synchro’s Run for the Cure Success!




Over 11,000 participants ran in the October 2 Run for the Cure sponsored by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  44 of those participants were from the Granite Synchro Club.  With their efforts and enthusiasm, they exceeded their goal by raising an incredible total of $5,754.50 towards breast cancer research.  A special shout to goes to Granite’s top fundraiser, Penelope Zeitler, who raised an amazing total of $2,824.00.  The next top fundraisers were Charlotte Gray ($635) and Caroline Hughes ($350).  Congratulations to all the members of Granite Synchro.  Your efforts are truly appreciated in your support for breast cancer research.

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