Star Testing

Star 1 – Superstar 7 Pass Marks:

Stars 1-2 4.0
Stars 3-6 4.5
Stars 7-10 5.0
Superstars 1-4 5.5
Superstars 5-7 6.0


Judging qualifications for Synchro Canada Star and Superstar Testing

Stars 1-9 JTAC Level 1-5 (only one judge needed)
Star 10, Superstar 1 & 2 JTAC Level 2-5 (only one judge needed)
Superstar 3,4,5 JTAC Level 2-5 (3 judges needed)
Superstars 6 & 7 JTAC Level 3-5 (3 judges needed)


Star or Superstar Test Sheets
To request test sheets please contact the Synchro Swim Ontario office.


Please fill out the order form below if you would like to order pins for your swimmers (note: test sheets are not accepted as an order form).

Synchro Swim Ontario Merchandise Order Form

Order Form includes Star 1-10 Pins, Superstar 1-7 Pins, Star Manual & Videos, Synchro Sue

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