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2014 OWG’s Letter of Thanks


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can parents come to Camp Muskoka to help with gelling?

Unfortunately, Accreditation packages only will be allowed at Camp Muskoka.  It is expected that the Coach(es) and/or older athletes will be able to help with the 11-12 yr olds if needed.  Alternately, consider having the 11-12’s gelled at camp with everyone or half of older team helping and have the 13-15’s gel at the pool??  Sorry that is likely not what you had hoped to hear:(

While waiting for the shuttle bus (after figures, etc.) are there any other sports the girls and I can watch?  Are these in the same facility as the synchro competition?

Badminton and Table Tennis events will also be hosted at the Sportsplex.

Are there organized social activities after dinner?  The schedule indicates there are scheduled periods for socialization – what does this mean?
There will be organized social events hosted at Camp Muskoka for Athletes and Coaches.  Stay tuned for more information.
Do I need to email my routine music to Synchro Ontario, or just bring competition CD’s?

Bring your CD’s and have an electronic copy for all routines.

When do we find out the figure groups and team/solo/duet draws?  Before or after figures?

 Figure Draws will be posted on Wednesday, February 19th.  All routines will be seeded based on figures scores. However, we have fewer than 6 competitors registered in 11-12 Solo event so that will need to be a random draw done by the scorer.

Just to confirm, we are responsible for arranging our own club’s transportation to and from Bracebridge?  Should the girls be dropped off at the Sportsplex on Thursday? 

Yes, that is correct.  Each club is responsible for  arranging their own transportation to and from the Bracebridge Sportsplex but once at the games, all transportation (buses) are provided.

Could you please clarify the timing on Thursday February 27th?

Warm up is at 11:00am.  Spacing times will be posted by Tuesday, February 18th.

In the coach’s info package, it states that the check-in is between 11:30 am-2:00 pm and buses leave to go to Camp Muskoka at 2:00 pm.  However, on the schedule, it says that Routine Spacing is between 12:00-3:00 pm, and the Dry Land area is open until 3:30 pm. 

Once we receive the extra routines from each team (duet and solos) a detailed spacing schedule will be sent out to give each club pool time.  It would be the coaches call on when she wants the athletes to arrive prior to their spacing time.  The first few clubs will be done well before the first bus departs at 2pm and the last bus will be waiting until the final group is on board.  So, depending on the schedule, would be when they are leaving for the camp.

I know the spacing schedule isn’t ready yet, but can you advise what time our group should aim to arrive at the Sportsplex on Thursday?   We are trying to coordinate our driving. 

Any time after 11 and before the last bus.  You can plan this around the spacing schedule when it’s available.

Will you be able to provide a packing list for the parents?  I noticed you had a few recommended items for the coaches, but I didn’t see anything like this in the parents package for the athletes: i.e. sleeping bag/extra blanket, pillow, alarm clock, warm clothes.  

Are you able to put something like this together? 

Again, the Coach should do the packing list as they know what uniform pieces etc. required for their team.  We only add the items as a reminder to include.  The camp is providing linens but we realize some may want extra blankets or their own pillows.

Are there mirrors in the cabins?


Some swimmers would like to bring a laptop or other device to do homework during downtime, are the cottages at Camp Muskoka lockable and secure or should they leave these things at home?

The cottages are not lockable but the adult section is so they could store their valuables in the coaches/managers rooms for safe keeping.

Do the cottages or other buildings at Camp Muskoka have wifi capability?

Yes there is wifi throughout the resort.

Are there any laundry or other facilities to assist with drying towels, accessible to swimmers?  If not, they can hang over beds…

There is a dryer in the dining hall.  Use of this dryer is for adults/coaches only.  Coaches will be able to organize towel drying for their team and share it’s use with other synchro teams.  

It sounded like lunch on Sunday was possible, has there been any decision about this?

They have a to-go lunch planned for you on Sunday.  We will be asking who would want to take advantage of this, otherwise it will be cancelled.

For opening ceremonies, should swimmers try to have some sort of sport or club identification; given that they will all be wearing parkas rather than tracksuits? 

We have no requirement for this but if they all were identified that would look great!

They are bringing up a cooler with healthy snacks to provide our swimmers during the day: Camp Muskoka is providing meals, but is there a small fridge in the cottage to store some items or can we leave refrigerated foods with kitchen at the Camp?

Yes, there is a fridge available at the Camp for shared use.

Since departure is from Bracebridge on Sunday, does this mean all luggage must come with them on Sunday morning when they depart from Muskoka? Will it be put in the same secured area as on arrival?

Yes, they will need to bring all luggage with them when they depart from Camp Muskoka on Sunday morning.  It will be put in the same secured area as on arrival.

Does Camp Muskoka have a tuck shop or dispensing machines on site?

The tuck shop is closed for the season and we so do not have dispensing machines on site. If you choose to bring snacks, please ensure they are Nut Safe (do not contain any nuts) as the camp is a nut safe facility. 

Is the availability of fridges in each cabin/coach quarters or in the dining hall?

There is a fridge in our pavilion for shared use.

Does camp staff have first aid training or medical equipment of any kind on site?

Camp Muskoka has first aid stations in the Pavilion as well as AED’s. All staff are first aid trained as well. 

Are there any specific medical conditions that require all attendees at camp to be aware of?

We have at least 2 athletes with severe allergy conditions.  Restrictions of what will not be allowed will follow. 

What are the contingency plans if a swimmer gets ill, & needs to stay behind, and coaches need to be at pool?

Mary Dwyer and Chris Gauthier will both be at the Camp and will be available to oversee any such situations.  We have emergency contact information for every swimmer.  


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