LTAD Testing

Information regarding mandatory testing of LTAD skills can be found below.

If you find an errors in these documents, or have any questions regarding Ontario LTAD testing, please email Rachel Klein at

Important Notes/Updates

Reminder – Final 2016-17 LTAD Testing Results are due on March 31st.

Update: November results have been consolidated & averages are posted below (time swim results coming shortly). 


LTAD Webinars

SSO recently concluded a 4-part webinar series on LTAD (in partnership with Sport for Life). To access recordings of the webinars, visit the CS4L/LTAD page (note – videos are password protected, Head Coaches for each Club have been given the password)

Ontario LTAD Testing Protocol

*updated November 9th

This is the main document Ontario coaches should use to get an overview of LTAD testing in the province. 

This document contains:

– Background information on what LTAD is, and the stages of LTAD

– Rationale for LTAD testing and Ontario’s plan to test LTAD skills in-Club for 2016-17

– Which swimmers are required to be tested, and when submission of results are due

– Process Clubs should use to select/train Assessors

– Basic Protocols to follow during testing

– List of skills for each age group

– Skill description, photo, and details for each skill (including screenshots of Synchro Canada’s scoring checklist/competencies for each skill, and video links to skill demonstrations)

Below are the detailed scoring chits/checklists from Synchro Canada (Required Ontario skills are highlighted in yellow):

9-10 Scoring Chits

11-12 Scoring Chits

13-15 Scoring Chits

16-20 Scoring Chits *missing this file are the Needle & Ariana Rotation skills; please view the 13-15 Scoring Chits to see checklists for these two skills.


Club Results Submission

Clubs will submit results electronically via excel spreadsheet.

Please use the spreadsheet file below to enter results for your Club, and submit to by March 31, 2017. To make entry easier, Clubs may wish to use their November spreadsheets (leaving the names in but deleting the November data) and add new test results.

2016-2017 Ontario LTAD Score Results Nov Club Name

As outlined in the Ontario LTAD Protocol document, each Club must:

1) Select ONE designated Assessor

2) Assessor must complete online webinar training:

3) Assessor must complete online agreement by November 15, 2016:

4) Conduct testing within the Club; complete Results Spreadsheet (sent to each Club individually) by the deadlines provided

Note to Assessors on the Goal of LTAD Testing:
Please remember (especially for the November submission) that the goal is not to have every athlete performing a perfect 10/10 on every skill; the goal is to establish a benchmark of Ontario athletes’ skill level, and then to continue to develop and improve on this (via in-club training, sharing of resources, additional/modified programming etc.). The second submission in March should show progression, and if there are weaker areas we will continue to address why this is the case and work to improve. The LTAD testing is not meant to be a stressful experience for athletes, it is merely a way to show them (and their coaches) where they are now, and to help them build goals for the future.

Training LTAD Skills:

Synchro Canada Skills Protocol

This document contains additional resources from Synchro Canada regarding the training and progression of skills.

Below are the provincial averages for each tested skill (shown as avg score / total possible score) – click to expand each age group:


Learn to Train (9-10) Skills

Ballet Leg on Land – Right 5.8/8

Ballet Leg on Land – Left 5.6/8

Prone Extension with dowel – 1.6/8

Needle Left – 3.3/11

Needle Right – 3.2/11

Standing Back Pike – 3.4/6

Ariana – Left 3.5/11

Ariana – Middle 3.4/11

Ariana – Right 3.9/11

12.5m Flutter Kick – results to come

Train to Train (11-12) Skills

Standing Back Pike – 3.4/6

V-Ups – 3.8/9

Prone Shoulder Extension with Dowel – 2/5

Plank Hold – 5.6/8

Push-ups x10 – 2/6

Needle Left – 3.4/11

Needle Right – 3.3/11

Front Flutter 25 – results to come

Front Crawl 50m – result to come

Train to Train (13-15) Skills

Ballet Leg Speed Right – 1.3/3

Ballet Leg Speed Left – 1.1/3

V-Sit Hold – 3.3/5

Prone Shoulder Extension with Dowel – 2.7/5

Push-ups x12 – 2.6/6

Needle Right – 4.3

Needle Left -4.2

Ariana Left – 5/11

Ariana Middle – 4.1/11

Ariana Right – 5.3/11

25m Front Flutter Kick – results to come

25m Propellor – results to come

200m IM – results to come

Train to Compete (16-20) Skills

Core Routine – 6.9/8

Push-ups x15 – 2.9/6

Ballet Leg on Foam Rollers – 6/10

Needle Right – 4.3/11

Needle Left – 4.3/11

Ariana Left – 5.9/11

Ariana Middle – 2.9/11

Ariana Right – 6/11

400m IM – results to come


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